Forgiveness is Always Possible

If you are alive and breathing, someone has done something that requires your forgiveness. Someone has offended you. Someone has wronged you. Someone has stepped on you or over you or around you on their way to a place you thought you were going with them. Someone has devalued you...

Be Nice

Be nice. Such a simple statement. Such profound advice. Several times last week, I was reminded of the huge difference it makes when someone is simply pleasant. Gracious forgiveness for my late arrival. Sincere appreciation for a small favor. Personal note of encouragement. Words of affirmation that were specific. Door...

Need Less, Have More

The point of being in business is to make money. No arguments, I expect. Yet, depending on your industry and/or work situation, the measure of success is often something other than money in your pocket. Success might be determined by the number of sales completed or appointments made or clients...

Organize and Find Joy

There is a woman in Japan, Marie Kondo,  who has become famous for her organizational skills. It is a life style and business for her….as well as a source of fame. See the full story here. “Discard everything that does not spark joy“, is one of her two main points....

Ways to Give More

Need some help in knowing how to give more? Intentionally… Read a book to someone. Visit a friend. Volunteer time or talent. Share your knowledge or wisdom. Bake a treat. Pick up the tab. Teach a class. Give a gift. Hear a friend. Welcome a stranger. Offer a smile. Remember...

Debbie Hensleigh

In 2012, I turned 60, stopped dying my hair, and started contemplating how I was going to invest the third third of my life. I am determined to intentionally live a life that is simple and focused so that I can need less and give more for this third third of my life.

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My Blog

This blog is where I will share what I have learned and what I am learning. My hope is that this blog will serve as a place to inspire others to live their life on purpose whether they find themselves in the first, second, or third third.

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