“Firsts” in the Third-Third

©CreationSwap/Jared Rarick

©CreationSwap/Jared Rarick

Need Less… Do More

Dave and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary.  We are so thankful to have made it this far and long together.  We have certainly had our rough spots and years that we would not like to repeat, but it is deeply satisfying to be here, now.

We have two ways we are going to mark this significant year.  One, we have already done.  We had a weekend of “firsts” in Chicago.  Chicago is a place we love to go.  We know “our” places well, but since we are focused on the third-third and going new places and investing our lives in new ways, we found new things to do this time.  We ate oysters for the first time (and second!….I liked them better than Dave did, I think).  We sat in the bleachers (first) at Wrigley and watched the Cubs lose(….not a first).   And we kayaked up the river.  Never have kayaked before.  (We may do that again, but not up the river in Chicago).

In the third-third of our lives and after 40 years of marriage, we intentionally had a weekend of “firsts”.

The balance of “needing less and giving more” played into our weekend.  For one thing, we stayed out west of the City to save the cost of the in-city increased room rate, due to Lalapalooza.  And, we didn’t have to pay for parking in the burbs.  We drove to the train station, to save the cost of a cab.  Because we saved, we ate well and enjoyed ourselves and didn’t really scrimp on the things that we wanted to do.

One of the “need less, give more” lessons for me from that anniversary trip is that we planned more than we usually plan a trip to Chicago.  We made reservations at restaurants we wanted to try.  We bought tickets to Wrigley from a friend who has season tickets.  We reserved our kayaks several weeks ahead.  So, we had a satisfying and guilt-free weekend because we planned ahead, knew what we wanted to do and what it would cost, and we planned accordingly.

Now, as we begin to plan our longer and less familiar trip to central Mexico in October, we will use the same approach.  Decide what is important for us to do, consider alternatives, and make connections and reservations ahead of time.  We will plan for conserved expenses and weigh our options, but we will also plan to allow for the spontaneity that we enjoy as well. Need Less… Do More!

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  1. Debbie,I am so thankful for your friendship and our re-connection this past couple of years. Your blog is awesome and I am reminded of how much we have in common philosophically and spiritually! What a gift! Your insights speak volumes to me and remind me of some of my “firsts” in my third-third, trying to need less and give more! You inspire and challenge me in so many ways. Keep up the good work – “intentionally”! and keep the Faith, sister!

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