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Intentional = Conscious Choosing

I find great joy in giving.  Especially to a cause I deem worthy and when there is a true need.  I like it when people are grateful for my gift, but sometimes it is most fun to give in secret.  I admit that I like it when the gift is appreciated.  A simple “thank you,” and I am satisfied.  But I really don’t even need that if I am confident the gift was needed.


I am deeply blessed and I love having the means to give to others.  Dave and I are not even close to being “wealthy,” but we have more than enough… mostly because we have found ways to intentionally pare down our needs.  And because I have been a frugal tight-wad for pretty much my whole life.  (Not always an appreciated trait by my dear husband, truth be told, and not always practiced out of faith on my part.)  Now, though, we are united to understand more practically and more purely that when we need less, we are able to give more.  It isn’t really difficult when you have motivation and a plan.  This is a lifestyle we are learning to live more authentically every day:  Intentionally need less so that we can give more.


Ways that I have needed less recently?  Dave has been gone and I have not needed to purchase many groceries.  Greens and tomatoes from the garden, veggies and shrimp from the freezer.  Chocolate and coffee that was on hand.  Some simple purchases of oft eaten staples (keifir, avocados, fresh spinach, carrots, and fruit) has been all that was needed. No needs for clothing.  No needs for help with mechanics (thankfully).  One needed ride to pick up my car, easily met by a friend.  I have not been a very needy person.  Enough time with grandkids and kids and friends to be satisfied.  Enough business to keep me busy and to provide for our needs.

Ways that I have been able to give recently?  A past acquaintance is raising funds to take a substantial and special trip with her son.  I loved sending her money that was not expected (but appreciated).  Two people (actually one person and then another family) have needed my time.  On the phone, in person, in difficult situations… I had the time, took the time to be there with them whenever they needed me.  Happy, satisfying giving on my part.  Both local off-spring families have needed grandkid-care.  I loved obliging.  My son Joel is very involved and with Dave not around, I have happily given him rides when the bus is not an option (or when a ride communicates love).  Grace extended a few times when on the receiving end of not-so-gracious treatment (not personal).  And, a few times, I do recall being the giver of truth… hopefully in a way that blessed.

This intentional lifestyle of needing less and giving more is not really a new way for me to live my life.  I have not been overly needy and I have always been a giver; but perfecting this way, taking it to new levels, being intentional in daily, conscious, moment-by-moment opportunities to live it out, is the way I want to live in this third-third of my life.


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