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August 17, 2012.

Perfect night at home.

Cubs on TV, Valbuena just hit a home run.  Arroyo for the Reds is pitching.  Scallops with onion and garlic and lime are just about ready to eat.  Potatoes with peas and fresh spinach are about done.  We just opened a bottle of Italian wine that was dusty and we don’t remember where it came from.  It claims to have “lots of berry character with soft tannins and a lightly jammy finish.”  It says to pair with red sauced dishes and grilled meats.  Who cares.  It will go nicely with what we are concocting.

We started the night in downtown….met after work.  I drove from the northeast side of town.  Dave walked from west central.  We thought we’d hunker down in a bar and have dueling laptops, finding creativity in a corner, with a window to the sidewalk.  There was an arts festival tonight, so too many people (distracting).  We came home to cook and eat and create (I have to admit waning interest in the Cubs, but if the TV is on, it is about the best option).

So, our simple meal is tasty….really tasty.  It is kind of amazing how well it all goes together, except that after 39+ years of cooking together we have developed some skill.  And, we have learned to enjoy and relish the simple (and the cheap).  We are tallying up our investment in tonight’s meal.  $2 worth of scallops (little $1 packages of obviously not-top-quality scallops, but with the subtle flavor that is special tonight).  40 cents worth of onion.  About half a dollar’s amount of potatoes.  Spinach, half a package of frozen peas, maybe 50 cents.  (Dave is dreaming of the rest of the peas and spinach with eggs tomorrow.)  One lime (in the scallop/onion/garlic mixture) that was 10 for $10.  Pretty simple meal.  The most expensive part of it is the lime infused olive oil I bought in Lawrence, Kansas while Dave took a run….a brief stop on a trip recently.  It is $11/bottle, but is a nice addition to a dish like this and will last a while.

So, as I am writing this, feeling good about our nutritious and simple meal that is exceptionally tasty (the lime and scallops with the onion/garlic mixture works tonight), Dave confesses that he added a “few tablespoons” of butter and a splash of ranch dressing to the potato/spinach/pea dish.  Oh.  And Cholula.  Usually, I would go back for potatoes, but tonight, it is the onions and scallops in the luscious lime sauce that I want more of.

We are simple folk.

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