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The other day, I was down in our basement.  Doing laundry.  I have to admit that I am not the most cheerful laundry doer.  Especially when I have to go to the basement to do it.  But I am thankful that it is the basement… I don’t have to travel to a laundry-mat.   Been there done that.  I did learn to fold sheets from a friend’s mother once, at a laundry mat.  That trick of tucking the corners of fitted sheets together.   So something good from the memory of laundry in a public place.

I have been wondering where a particular poetry book is and I looked at the bookshelf that Dave moved to the basement one day while I was at work.  It was like looking at my life, that bookshelf.  At least, looking at my life for the past 20 years or so.


I love books.  I love reading.  I have bowed legs from sitting on the floor of the bookmobile when I was in grade school, with my knees together, feet splayed back for hours.  I read and read and read.  I ruined a number of books by dropping them in the bathtub while sitting in hot water to treat a kidney/bladder condition when I was young.  When I am interested in a subject, I love to read about it.

The books on the shelf downstairs are organized (of course).  One shelf is the best of the leadership and experiential education approaches I was a student and teacher of at The Woods Retreat & Training Center, 1994 – 2004.  Activities, theories, equipment, regulations, philosophies of the training industry.  All there.  Along with some related inspirational titles.

Then, there is the spiritual growth shelf.  Bible studies, classics, translations of the Scriptures, a commentary.  And some leadership related books along the same lines.  I love stories so there are stories there.  Lives changed.  Marriages saved.  God at work.  My work as wife of a pastor was never one I took lightly.  Influencing lives required study and knowledge and experience.

And there is a shelf I call my corporate shelf.  It is full of amazing titles and authors on leadership and concrete character input.  My focus those 5 years when I was in the corporate world was to train and coach and be the best person—as an example and a leader.  It is probably why I am no longer there.  I could never make the two become one and simply could not believe that the corporate mindset and competition was more important than the reality of who I am.

I think the poetry book I am looking for is in the barn at the river property.  Hopefully not too mouse-eaten to find the poem I am trying to locate.  That box of books (if it is there), will take me on another journey of time when I get there.

Books organized, tell a bit of my story. They remind me of where I have been; the journey I am on that I could never have imagined. That journey defines who I am now and where I am headed if I can avoid getting stuck, looking back.

Glean and reap.  Remember and choose.  Give thanks.
Be ready for what is now and what is coming.

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  1. I learned that trick of folding the bed sheet corners just so from you all those years ago when I would help with housework when you were sick. I miss those days. And I was remembering you the other day when I tucked the corners of my own bed sheet. =] It’s the small things.

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