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I just ran my first 5K.  Twice before, I walked a 5K.   First, with my sister, and second, with the Champaign Community Coalition.  This time, though, I participated as a runner/walker in the first ever CU Special Recreation Cupcake run because I wanted to see if I can be a runner.  And because our son, Joel, has been training to run it.  (And not, I should add, because I or his Pop encouraged him to!  It was his girlfriend.)

d&d cupake

Because I was running alone (Dave was way ahead and Joel had running buddies and was a bit behind me), I thought that maybe a podcast would distract me enough to make me run faster and walk less (it didn’t happen).  But my choice of Dave Ramsey interviewing Seth Godin proved to be thought-provoking and motivating, just not in running.

I am going to have to listen to this Entreleadership Podcast again, because running definitely distracted me from the details of their conversation. One thought that I kept hold of was their insight on the three things customers give you.  I am in business and I coach business owners and entrepreneurs.  We all depend on customers and clients.

First, customers give their money.  No explanation needed.  
      Second, they give their TRUST.  
               Third, they give their REFERRALS.

The second and third are more important than the first, no matter what the business.

I have several businesses.  One is a Real Estate Business, helping people buy and sell residential (and occasionally, commercial) real estate.  I don’t advertise.  I just let people know that I am in that business and that I would love to help them with that big and emotional purchase.  I am successful because people know they can trust me.  I will tell the the truth about the value of their home.  I will not share their financial information with others.  I will hold their hopes and dreams of a home as the most important part of finding them a home.  I won’t show them homes they can’t afford.  And I will stick with them until they find the house they want to buy or find a buyer for their home and make it all the way through their closing.

Another business I have is coaching…through speaking and writing and personally meeting with individuals or business owners.  If trust is important when serving real estate clients, trust is imperative in coaching.  Sharing a person’s goals and dreams, hearing their fears and confessions of limiting beliefs, getting them to admit they want more from life requires a lot of trust.  Suggesting they move out of their comfort zone a bit means they have to trust that I have their best interest at heart.

In the Entreleadership Podcast, Seth Godin and Dave Ramsey made the point that if you are offering a one-of-a-kind product, then people will just give you their money because they have no other choices.  But, if there is any competition for your product or service , if people trust you, they will choose you.  Even if you are not the cheapest.  And, if they trust you, they will return to you.  And even more valuable, they will refer people to you.

Whether in a service business or a product business, vending TRUST is the most important commodity.  While being in business means that getting people to give you their money is part of every day, building a brand of TRUST is the best way to secure a future in business.


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  1. Such a great explanation of your talents in both realms, Debbie!

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