Do What You Were Made to Do


My husband is a traveler.  We have been talking about this and I am going to have him blog about his love of travel here at some point.  From a young age, he has found his mind wandering to the next adventure.

This has made me think about my early leanings.  I have been an encourager, a motivator for most of my life.  The story that came to my mind was a surprise to me….not thought of in years.

My younger sister jumped off (or was pushed…..a never quite determined detail, though I have always believed her) the cab of our father’s pick up truck when she was about three years old.  I don’t remember why, exactly, but there was some concern that she should stop using the sling for her cast.  I suppose it had to do with avoiding muscle atrophy, but she simply would not go without her sling.

I am six years older than Christy, and must have been concerned about her following the “rules” of not using her sling, because I became very focused on encouraging her to go without.  After some discussion, I convinced her to be in my “no sling club” and she let the sling go.  I remember there being some surprised adults asking, “How in the world?

One of my most solid and satisfying sources of energy is to encourage someone to make forward progress.  

If I can listen and encourage, I am satisfied.  If I can understand and express confidence in another’s ability, I have a good day.  When I know someone well and cite their strengths to give them a nudge to go forward, it makes me smile on the inside and on the outside.

Dave travels.  I encourage.
Dave discovers.  I motivate.

We do other things as well, but these are the core of who we are.  We are a good pair.


Do what you were made to do. 

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  1. You have definitely been there for me Debbie to give me the push I have needed at different times in my life. Thank you for that!

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