Mark “Running” Off My List


I tried.

I even spent money on good shoes after having a gait analysis at Body N’ Sole.  And down-loaded  Sigh.

Since my husband is a runner.  And since we know world-class runners.  And since it is good for you and a lot of people seem committed to (addicted to?) running… I should be able to be a runner, too.  Right?

Evidently not.  But I’m okay with it.

You know.  Sometimes you try something and it just doesn’t work out.

I had all the equipment I needed.  I had the information required.  There is really no reason that I couldn’t succeed at running if that is all required.  But an important aspect was missing.  I think you call it heart.  I call it “want to.”  It is mindset.

I love body pump at the YMCA.  I don’t mind 45 minutes on an elliptical machine (if I have a good book to read).  We walk a 3-mile round trip to downtown for dinner as often as we can.  But running, I just could not get myself to do.

I worked up to a mile, running at a pretty good pace.  Then, I walked.  I could have run more, I think.  But, I just didn’t want to.  I would think to myself, “I will run to the next mailbox.”  Then, I would tell myself, “Nah.  It’s fine to walk.”

Runner’s high?  Never happened for me….but maybe you have to push yourself to get that reward.  I guess I will never know.  Sigh (again).

I thought that I could psyche myself up by telling myself that if I kept running, I would get done quicker.  Even that didn’t help.  I did have a bit of “that wasn’t so bad” at the end of my first (and only) 5K, but it wasn’t enough to motivate me to run again.

d&d cupake

This really is a puzzle to me.  Interesting mindset ponder fodder.

But there are too many things I enjoy accomplishing to waste time stressing about this running thing that I just don’t care to do.

Keeping fit.  Staying strong.  Holding off old age as long as possible.  There are other ways to do it.  And do them, I will.




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