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It seems like as a kid, there were two kinds of calendars.  One in the kitchen that was decorative and  had birthdays on it and one at school that was a pad of tear-off day-at-a-time 5×5 inch sheets hung on the wall.

Then came date books I could carry around.  And, eventually, a personal data assistant (pda).  I didn’t name mine, but I know others who did  The learning curve was using the stylus.

I remember a meeting with a coaching client who told me , a bit sheepishly, that he had gone back to a paper calendar.  No worries with me.

My philosophy is to use what works. Figure out what you will use and use it.

Dave and I have been talking calendars lately.  He travels a lot with his company, Authentic Mexico Travel, and his business is growing.  While he is away, I often cover for calls and emails.  I am advocating for a year-long paper calendar with trips marked on it, hung on his office wall.  I even am asking for color-coding for different itineraries (one of my favorite systematizing tools) so when he is gone, I can easily find dates and destinations.

Dave uses Outlook.  I used to.  Now, I use Google Calendar.  I like that I can see my calendar on my phone or my laptop or from any computer, anywhere in the world.  It’s easy to color code.  It’s easy to have recurring commitments recur.

Yet… did dawn on me yesterday that if I can not get online, I am at a loss.  I spent a few minutes thinking how I might solve that problem if it occurs. Not a clue, unless I want to print a paper copy and if I do that, it will change hourly on some days and paper defeats the purpose.  Or, I could use a wall calendar but I would have to update it and what if I am in my car or at home and my calendar is at my office?

Sigh.  Technology simplifies and complicates our lives in so many ways.  I will stick with my “if it works, keep doing it” philosophy.  Eventually, another option will present itself.  I definitely do know, though, that relying on only my memory will NOT work, so google calendar is it for me for now.



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  1. Don’t forget to schedule at least one or two meals per day on whatever calendar system you utilize!

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