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large_8344048410Listening to Orion Samuelson this morning, I gained a bit of insight into the grocery marketing world. He revealed that the large grocery store chains have been challenged (hurt) by specialty stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  The large chains rent shelf space to companies.  That’s why there are whole shelves of Nabisco and Keebler and Coke and Pepsi, etc., etc.  The specialty stores, on the other hand, stock their shelves with what their consumers want to buy.  And they are winning market share.

My husband and I have to travel 2.5 hours for a Trader Joe’s (which we do as often as is convenient).  We stock up on the items we like from TJ’s (of course, including 2 Buck Chuck).  But we have local options for buying fresh and organic and healthy.

While being super thrifty (others have called it something more harsh), I have a preference for quality.  Purity.  Real cream, whipped in my KitchenAid.  Fresh herbs from the garden. Fresh fruit.  Fresh veggies.   And, recently a few, new “weird” ingredients like agave nectar, a variety of flours (oat, almond, coconut, a mixture of beans), grated ginger, miso, and a some vinegars (ginger infused, basalmic, apple cider, white, fig basalmic with dates, and orange muscat champagne).

Tonight, my new issue of Cooking Light has the Editor commenting on the gradual improvement of the general health and eating habits of the American public.

“I am just one solitary American woman, trying to eat for energy and fun.”
-Cooking Light editor

I have an aging body that I am trying to keep running at optimal capacity.  Staving off old age.  Keeping moving with the most grace and strength and the least aches and pains.

I don’t put rubbing alcohol in my car instead of gasoline.  I am conscious of the fuel I put into my body.  I have options for where I buy the food we eat.  Sometimes, it is the large chains, but only for the items we intentionally are after.  Tonight, we had sweet potato chick pea patties with avacado salsa (subscribe today for the recipe, or wait a few weeks).

Here’s to the most healthy and energetic first, second, or third third possible….through conscious choices.





photo credit: Caden Crawford via photopin cc
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