80% is Good Enough


My coaching clients are often “type A” types.  Entrepreneurs, movers, shakers.  They value coaching because they know that having someone else’s perspective is often helpful in seeing the next step.  And they need a coach to help them identify what they can let go of without sacrificing progress.

As we talk through all their tasks and their use of time, we eventually get to the issue of hiring.  The concern is always that “no one else can do it as well as I can.”

Truth is, someone else can do it as well… in fact, may eventually do it better.


My challenge is to convince these very energetic and capable men and women that if they can bring themselves to accept that someone who can perform 80% as well as they can it will be progress.

Some of it is perception.  In reality, the details may be better attended to by non-type- A types.  They may not be done as quickly… but chances are, they will be done better.

Some of it is expansion.  One person can only accomplish a finite amount of work.  To expand, to bring in more business, to have more clients, to produce more product, another set of hands, another voice on the phone, another email responder, is required.  Even at 80% as efficient, initially.

Some of it is quality of life.  Maybe the entrepreneur can do it better.  But if it keeps them at the office or in the field 14+ hours a day, missing important family events and compromising the relationships that are most important, again, 80% is good enough.

Taking a step back and analyzing true market position and need just may prove that hiring someone who can do it 80% as well is the smartest move to make.

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  1. So true! This is definitely something I have learned through many years in business and also coaching with Debbie. Life is too short to think we can do it all. Something will always have to give, whether it be our sanity, friends, family. There are very capable, smart people who can add so much if we just let them.

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