Too Busy


A mentor to my husband, long ago, told him that when people tell him they are too busy, that usually means they are not very good at managing their time.

We are all busy.  Even if we don’t have plenty of actual work to do, there is always facebook to catch up on and television shows to keep up with and blogs to read and podcasts to listen to.   I don’t know anyone who thinks they have more time than they know what to do with.

Being busy is not the goal.  Being effective and productive and satisfied is the goal.  Finding a good mix of work and home and business and fun and finances and leisure and family and travel and hobbies is the goal.  Having people look forward to being with us or doing business with us is the goal.  Being busier than everyone else is not the goal.

You being too busy tells me:
  1. You don’t have time for me or my business.
  2. I shouldn’t bother you with my ideas or invitations.
  3. I am in competition with you for busy-ness.
  4. We will both be exhausted before we finish comparing schedules.


Available is better than too busy.

Able to make it work is better than too busy.

Sitting down and considering what is making me TOO busy is better than running from “thing” to “thing” and being late to all and feeling like not much is actually being accomplished is way, way better than “too busy.”




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