From Clarity Comes Peace and Confidence

large__7496317584A workshop I wrote and have presented a number of times is on writing a personal mission statement.  I refer to it often.

I have had an affirmation partner since 2007.  We are less consistent now than we were when we started and we have edited, added/changed, our affirmations slightly over the years.  But we still connect by phone to repeat our affirmations to one another often enough that when we miss too long, we recognize that it has been too long.

I have a list of 9 goals for this year, hanging by my printer.  They are specific and include personal and volunteer as well as business areas of my life.

They are there to remind me of how I want to invest the minutes and days of this year.


And still……I got distracted.

As a serial entrepreneur, I am always thinking of ways to make money, of a new business to start, of another idea to invest in.  I have had a number of businesses (Lamaze classes, ropes course, team building workshops, coaching, Real Estate, cake decorating, retreat center) and have moved from one to another when the opportunity arose or when the circumstances changed.   Now, though, in my third third, I may be seeing another way.

I was tempted this past week to start something new.  I talked with (paid) a coach who told me I could do it and told me how to do it.  I had the support of my husband who doesn’t question my ability and who loves me no matter what I try.  It is an idea I have thought of as my “dream job” for five years.

From clarity comes peace and confidence.

BUT, when I considered what I would NOT be able to keep doing, when I went back to our “simplify and focus” approach, and when I returned to my purpose and intention to continue and share our “Need Less, Give More” approach to life……I am sticking with my plan.  And growing it.

This is my third third.  Early in my third third, hopefully.  I have two thirds to build on.

New ideas will continue to come.  Temptations of business ideas and ways to make money will continue to swirl around in my brain.  But I have clarity.  And I find that clarity is a welcome source of peace and confidence.


cover photo credit: jenny downing via photopin cc
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