Expectations are Dangerous

Having expectations is dangerous.  It is a sure way to be disappointed.

Last night, my husband and I hiked our 1.5 mile distance to a favorite restaurant for their “Monday Night Special.”  We had it a few months ago and this was a Monday that would work for us to go back.  The food was good (great, actually), but the food and beverages did not quite meet up to my expectations.  Not quite as good as I remembered.  I was a bit disappointed.


On reflection, it wasn’t the fault of the waitress or the kitchen.  I believe all was just as yummy as the first time we went….the food better, even.  But, because I had expectations, I was disappointed.  What I really had been expecting was to be wow-ed like we had been the first time, when it was novel to us.  A second “wow” for the same experience is not a fair expectation.  Today, after realizing I had unreasonable expectations, I have minimized my disappointment.

It is not uncommon that expectations are doomed to result in disappointment.  Like expecting that a sales call will result in the largest sale ever.  Or expecting that your spouse will read your mind and have dinner cooked when you get home.  Or that your child will win first place in the first swim meet they enter.  Or that you will ace the test you haven’t studied for.

Or that you will escape all disappointment.

Rather than building expectations that will lead to disappointment, why not take the initiative to be realistic and proactive?

Prepare for your appointments to build a loyal and honest relationship.  Tell your spouse what you are hoping for/needing.  Champion the interests and efforts of your child(ren), allowing them to try  lots of things with the possibility of failure in their journey of self discovery.  Prepare for tests and expect that life will throw you some curve balls.

Disappointment can not be completely avoided.  But with some intentional releasing of expectations, disappointment can be minimized.
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  1. This helped me today more than you can imagine!

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