Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid

From a sermon recently, two statements rung true.

The first:

Don’t get stuck on stupid.

The topic was the Prodigal son….or, actually, the older son who couldn’t budge from his perspective of his brother not deserving a feast.  It made me think about what stupid things I might get stuck on.

  • The toothpaste tube.
  • Shoving your chair in after you leave the table.
  • My way of doing “things.”  (filing, order of tasks, making coffee, washing dishes, folding clothes, tracking dirt, returning phone calls, answering emails, using commas, tense agreement, communicating clearly, knowing what you are talking about, not stating opinions as if they are fact, ….you get the idea)
  • Who pays for what.


And that brings me to the second:

 If we never get another thing, we still have enough things. 

I used to wonder how long I could live in my mother-in-law’s house without ever going to the grocery store.  She lived in the country and canned and froze all sorts of food… tomatoes, green beans, chickens, strawberry freezer jam (And, she shopped bargains and had 8 kids). There may have been 3-5 angel food cakes or loaves of homemade bread or roll dough in her freezer at any given time, too.

Now, I look around my home and notice all the extraneous items we have handy… after downsizing several times. I am thinking of challenging my “house mates” to see how long we can live on the food we have on hand. I think of families I have met who would consider my home luxurious and my provision abundant.  We do, indeed, have enough things.

I like practical sermonizing.

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