Texting while driving? Stop it!!!


We used to think we could multitask.  

More and more it is being proven that we can not.  I remember reading an article after the movie You’ve Got Mailwas out that said being constantly interrupted by email lowered a person’s IQ as if they were smoking marijuana.

A huge issue now is texting and driving.  Daily horror stories.  I stopped texting while I am driving the day I blew through a stop sign that I am very familiar with–just not noticing it.  I am extremely and eternally grateful that there was no one else around.

My police officer son-in-law told me that texting while driving is as dangerous as driving intoxicated.

I have been surprised this week with how many people I see driving while holding their phones to their ears.  It’s illegal in Illinois.  But I am sympathetic since I talk on the phone while driving…but using my car’s bluetooth or $5 earbuds I bought at Big Lots.  I don’t want to pay the ticket price if stopped (and it happens…I could give you a name :D)

There is no excuse, though, and I have no sympathy for taking the risk of texting (or checking facebook or looking at the calendar or reading email) while driving.

Life is precious.

I am filling up my third third with intentional living.  Driving responsibly is one little thing I can do.  I pray that I am not the victim of someone else’s risky behavior.



photo credit: an untrained eye via photopin cc
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