How Less is More

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Less is more.

There is great freedom in needing less.  That’s the underlying theme of our lives in our third third.

Dave and I have lived with a certain amount of conscious minimalism since we were pseudo-hippies in the early 70’s.  We bonded over low-sugar-high-fiber natural food diets and growing our own food and not registering for wedding-gift-china we knew we would never use.  As our family grew, we made choices of me being a stay-at-home mom and taking camping vacations instead of Disney World.  (Our kids used to complain about it, but mostly, now they appreciate us and our approach.)

So, now in our third third, living a life that is intentional in our needing less so we can give more, it is not really a sacrifice for us.  In fact, we have more of almost everything, now that we are retirement age and only have (very independent) Joel at home with us.

More time, more money, more wisdom, more love, and more freedom.

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It’s the less, the fewer, that gives us more.  Less cooking for more time taking evening walks.  Fewer obligations with more intentional investments of our time.  Less worry about the future with more emphasis of using wisely what we have saved and how we have planned.  Less yard to mow, fewer wasted moments over unnecessary guilt, deeper conversations, more candles burned and books read.

Another great paradox… less can be much, much more.

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  1. I crave to have less. And am trying very hard to get rid of stuff… and it often feels like an up hill battle. but with every victory there is more… more time, more life to share, more me to give :)
    Thanks Debbie!

    • Give yourself a break, Ann. Three young ‘uns at home definitely means you have more stuff than you will later. BUT, keep setting that good example of getting by with less. They will thank you for it.

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