Curiosity More than Passion

I am a curious person.

I always want to know how someone has become who they are at present…want to know their story.  I love google and I grab my phone or computer, often in the middle of conversations, to find out the meaning or location or etiology or image.  I enjoy new places and try new foods and search out new relationships to find out what I don’t know or haven’t experienced.

concepcion and squash blossoms

I also can be a passionate person.

I am passionate about a number of things… eating healthily, my kids and their families, truth & honesty, freedom, the Bible, encouraging my husband, my own generosity, keeping my closet color organized, sharing my knowledge with those who might value it. These are passions.

But defining “my passion” and following it?  It hasn’t happened.

Following my curiosity, though, now that makes me get excited (maybe even a bit passionate).

For much of my life, both as a child and as an adult, my curiosity was not encouraged.  It was stifled.  Challenging others’ opinions, asking for clarification, having a different perspective, heading off in my own direction. That sort of thing was discouraged….to put it mildly.  I came to think of myself as a “problem” instead of a creative, intelligent, curious person.

Maybe being freed to follow my curiosity began when my husband encouraged me to help our children discover and figure out the answers to their school work instead of telling them the answers.  I began to enjoy leading them in following their curiosity.

And I began to allow myself to follow mine.

My curiosity has certainly been affirmed along the way.  In the past 15 years or so, by individuals who valued my opinions, my skills, my experiences, my willingness to risk, I have come to see my questioning as a strength.  Curiosity has been the beginning of many of my decisions in business and in volunteer options.

via Society6

via Society6

I will continue to follow my curiosity… passionately.

I am eager to see where it leads me.

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  1. Great post, Debbie!

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