Why Need Less, Give More?

Need Less, Give More….Why?

It’s not about money.  It’s not making less.  It is about consuming less, using less, needing less.  And, sharing, giving, more money… to organizations and individuals and causes, without agenda and, sometimes,  “just because.” And it is about giving more than money.  It is about being available to give time and to give more attention.

Why is needing less and giving more the intention of my (our) third third?

Because it saves energy.

  • Physical energy…living with intention means less wasted time, less scurrying around aimlessly, less fretting about non-essentials.
  • Emotional energy…deciding what is important saves much stress.  There are simply fewer things to stress about.
  • Spiritual energy…doing the right thing, needing less consumable goods, not competing but being content is a source, not a drain, of energy.

Because it gives satisfaction.

  • To notice and meet a need is deeply satisfying.
  • To contribute to someone else’s success is satisfying.
  • To purchase only what you love and/or truly need makes buyer’s remorse rare.

Because it limits guilt.

  • The need less give more approach requires an open mind, yet strategic decisions.
  • Decisions based on thought and principles (not emotion or pressure) lead to satisfaction.
  • Using only what you need controls spending, requires less guilty rationalizing.
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