What It Means to Need Less & Give More


I had a conversation with a business coach who could not “get” my approach.  “Why would people want to know how to be poor?”  “Who would want to hear you talk about making less money?”  “What kind of person wants to have less?”

We were not a “fit.”  But he made me think (I hope I had the same effect on him.)

What does it mean to need less and give more?

What do I need less of, when I am living my life with intention and purpose?  Here are some thoughts about what needing less and giving more is.

  • I need less affirmation from others.  I can spend time considering what is important to ME….and less time wondering what others think is important from or for me.
  • I probably need less food.  I love to cook and bake and create in the kitchen.  But I really need less food than I could eat.
  • I need less juggling of funds.  Needing less means I have less (no) debt and usually have the funds available for what I need without stressing about it.
    • And, speaking of stress, there is simply less of it when intentional thought and decision guide my day.
  • I need less time.  Because I have intentionally determined how I will fill mine.  Okay, this maybe isn’t entirely the way to say it.  There is no more time, but I can give up feeling frazzled and late and behind when I am doing what I have predetermined is important.
  • And, truly, I need less money.  But that doesn’t mean I make less money.  It means I can spend less time and energy and <money> thinking about, allocating, calculating about money.

An oft misquoted Bible verse is “MONEY is the root of all evil.”  The statement Jesus actually made in warning was that “…the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

Having money to do and give and save and plan responsibly is a gift.  A well-earned gift, perhaps, but the attitude that comes with it is incredibly important.

To need less is a calling (high, in my estimation) so that my consumption of all things is minimized.

Ah….and then, I can give more…….




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