Be Nice

Be nice.

Such a simple statement.
Such profound advice.

Several times last week, I was reminded of the huge difference it makes when someone is simply pleasant.


Gracious forgiveness for my late arrival.
Sincere appreciation for a small favor.
Personal note of encouragement.
Words of affirmation that were specific.
Door held open.
Compliment on appearance.
Noticed effort of meeting someone’s needs.
Honest sharing over a meal.

Now that I am thinking back over my week, I find I can remember more times than these that I was the recipient of kindness in word or deed.

Every time someone was nice to me, last week, it made me smile and made my day better. Now, remembering, and with the list growing, it makes me smile again and makes this week start out strong.

So simple. Be nice.

Make someone’s day.

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