Organize and Find Joy

There is a woman in Japan, Marie Kondo,  who has become famous for her organizational skills. It is a life style and business for her….as well as a source of fame. See the full story here.

“Discard everything that does not spark joy“, is one of her two main points.

I have been thinking of that lately. Wearing a sweater that has a large cowl collar that annoys me every time I wear it is now easy to pass along. It does not give me joy (annoyance rarely does) and that acknowledgement simplifies the decision.

The candle with the surprising scent (at least to me) that I do not enjoy can go. No joy, even if it is only slightly burned.

The board games that I try to convince myself someone will enjoy playing when, in reality, no one has in years, tempt me to have expectations that are not realistic. I am ready to let them go since unrealistic expectations are not producers of joy.

And there is cookware. Of all types. Do I need it all? No joy produced when I open a cabinet and plastic containers fall out (many without matching lids). Looking for a spot to store a new gadget when there are other gadgets unused? No joy there, either.

I confess I have not read the entire article I referenced, and I know that the folding, rolling, storing of clothing won’t happen at my house. But the concept of letting go of things that don’t bring joy is profound. And far reaching.

No wonder she has become famous.

Being organized is key to being content and intentional. An organized life is a good, continuous aspiration. But, take it in increments. Here are some ideas of where to start:

Your closet.
+ If you haven’t worn it in the past season, you won’t wear it in the next.
+ Color coordination makes looking for clothes simpler.
+ Seasonal grouped together.
Your pantry.
+ Use it up before it expires.
+ Beans with beans, soups with soup, veggies with veggies, etc.
+ Look before you shop to avoid duplicates (or quadruplicates).
Your day.
+ Paper or paperless, doesn’t matter. Keeping track is.
+ Color code if possible.
+ Schedule important time for planning.
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