About Me


In 2012, I turned 60, stopped dying my hair,
and started contemplating how I was going
to invest the third-third of my life.

When Social Security was begun in 1935, the expected life span of the American male was 58 years. Today it is 72. We boomers grew up with our parents planning to work until age 65, then travel a bit….and die after a few years of retirement.

At 61 (in 2013), I am nowhere near ready to retire, travel a bit, and die. My husband and I have every reason to believe we might have another 30 years of productive life. His parents were in their 80’s when they died. My mother is 91, still sharp and active. We are both healthy and active and curious and ambitious. We are intentionally positioning ourselves to need less and to give more, to continue to make an impact, to make a positive difference, over the next 30 years, ….or for however long God grants us breath.

I am expanding and diversifying my coaching/consulting business to include this website, LifeOnPurpose roundtables, other workshops and weekend events to make myself available to share my life learnings in broader and new ways.  Debbie Hensleigh Initiatives is walking the walk and talking the talk by initiating NeedLessGiveMore.com.

I am determined to intentionally live a life that is simple and focused so that I can need less and give more for this third third of my life.  This site is where I will share what I have learned and what I am learning.

My hope is that this site serves as a place to inspire others to live their life on purpose whether they find themselves in the first-, second-, or third-third.