Curiosity More than Passion

concepcion and squash blossoms

I am a curious person. I always want to know how someone has become who they are at present…want to know their story.  I love google and I grab my phone or computer, often in the middle of conversations, to find out the meaning or location or etiology or image.  … Continue reading

How Less is More


Less is more. There is great freedom in needing less.  That’s the underlying theme of our lives in our third third. Dave and I have lived with a certain amount of conscious minimalism since we were pseudo-hippies in the early 70’s.  We bonded over low-sugar-high-fiber natural food diets and growing our own … Continue reading

The Third Third

Guest blog by Dave Hensleigh, Authentic Mexico Travel Life is in Thirds We experience many things in thirds including life itself. The first third is that set of years from birth through marriage -or first child -or first career. It seems to have gone quickly, it involves many transformations, and … Continue reading

Texting while driving? Stop it!!!


We used to think we could multitask.   More and more it is being proven that we can not.  I remember reading an article after the movie “You’ve Got Mail” was out that said being constantly interrupted by email lowered a person’s IQ as if they were smoking marijuana. A … Continue reading

Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid


From a sermon recently, two statements rung true. The first: Don’t get stuck on stupid. The topic was the Prodigal son….or, actually, the older son who couldn’t budge from his perspective of his brother not deserving a feast.  It made me think about what stupid things I might get stuck … Continue reading

Every Moment Counts


Dave and I have had 17 different addresses in our 41 years of marriage.  Granted, 41 years is a long time, but 17 moves is a lot of moves, too.  5 states, much criss-crossing, many miles driven, boxes loaded, possessions weeded out, change of address cards mailed. My favorite place? … Continue reading