Get Back into the Groove


In the groove. Smoothly making it happen, getting it done.  Keeping priorities and accomplishing the important.  That’s the sweet spot when we are doing what we know we want to and should be doing. Then, something comes up to bump us out of our groove. Holidays.  Visitors.  Sickness.  Appointments.  The … Continue reading

Mark “Running” Off My List


I tried. I even spent money on good shoes after having a gait analysis at Body N’ Sole.  And down-loaded  Sigh. Since my husband is a runner.  And since we know world-class runners.  And since it is good for you and a lot of people seem committed to (addicted … Continue reading


Living intentionally, needing less and giving more does not necessarily mean living sparsely or going without. Well, maybe it means going without some things, but not of important or significant things.  And not things that are really enjoyable. Living intentionally and needing less so I can give more means that … Continue reading