Texting while driving? Stop it!!!


We used to think we could multitask.   More and more it is being proven that we can not.  I remember reading an article after the movie “You’ve Got Mail” was out that said being constantly interrupted by email lowered a person’s IQ as if they were smoking marijuana. A … Continue reading

Your Mindset Isn’t A Trend


Mindset. It is a little bit of a current buzz word. Like when “paradigm” was newly in vogue.  I remember asking someone to define paradigm to me in the 90’s.  They didn’t, but I eventually got the gist and have even used it (appropriately and sparingly) myself. “Paradigm” was listed … Continue reading

Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid


From a sermon recently, two statements rung true. The first: Don’t get stuck on stupid. The topic was the Prodigal son….or, actually, the older son who couldn’t budge from his perspective of his brother not deserving a feast.  It made me think about what stupid things I might get stuck … Continue reading

Every Moment Counts


Dave and I have had 17 different addresses in our 41 years of marriage.  Granted, 41 years is a long time, but 17 moves is a lot of moves, too.  5 states, much criss-crossing, many miles driven, boxes loaded, possessions weeded out, change of address cards mailed. My favorite place? … Continue reading

How Does a Coach Help?


My role as a coach changes with every client and with every meeting.  My approach is fluid and organic.  Currently, I’m helping a client say “NO” to opportunities. The reasons to say yes are many and varied » Some people get asked all the time.  Saying “NO” can be hard to … Continue reading