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Life on Purpose, Simple and Focused

Business Development — on-site, helping teams and leaders be intentional.  My favorite approach is to come to the business, spend a day or two (or a week) getting to know people and processes, then offer a plan for building on the existing models to improve productivity and profitability.  On-going coaching is often the best follow up to help put desired improvements into place.

Personal Development — in person or on the phone, listening to hopes and plans, then encouraging appropriate change.  My approach is intuitive with plenty of tools and experience to connect and suggest.

Consulting — I have a long list of organizations and businesses I have done consulting work for.  Retail stores, manufacturing teams, church staff, school administrators, teachers, youth groups, ministry teams, volunteers, not-for-profit organizations, university sports teams, high school teams, newspaper staff, the list could go on.  Generally, I specialize in people management and time management.

Seminars/Retreats –   The “Life on Purpose” Roundtable is a seminar.  It is locally, (Champaign Urbana, IL), a once-a-month event.  It can also be a weekend retreat in other locations.  Other topics are available or a customized, targeted retreat can be designed.  Contact us for more information.

Coaching — Weekly or bi-weekly meetings in person or on the phone can give just the right amount of direction and accountability for life change.  Focusing on discovering and using strengths to confidently live life with intention and purpose is the approach.


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