In Person


Debbie always says she is better in person than on paper.  If you enjoy reading what she has written, there is a pretty good chance that you will enjoy her genuine, honest approach in person as well.  She uses her insight from years of giving and helping others, sprinkled with humor and understanding, to connect and inspire, whether in a group or with an individual.

A great way to find out if Debbie has answers to your needs or problems is to talk with her.  Or email her.  This isn’t big business, big contracts, or canned presentations.  It is a person who will listen to you and focus on you and partner with you to help you take your next steps to becoming the best possible you.  And it works for you, the person; or you, the business; or you, the group needing a spark.

Over the years, Debbie has amassed training, experience, and resources to enhance her natural strengths and increase her effectiveness.   She is (or has at one time been) certified as a ropes course facilitator, life coach, DiSC trainer/distributor, volunteer trip leader with Global Village (Habitat for Humanity, International), small group leader trainer, and has taught team-building to graduate classes at the University level.

Sign up for a free phone call with her if you think you’d like to know more.