Life on Purpose Roundtable

Life on Purpose Roundtable for Women is the result of requests and conversations with women I know. Some, old friends and some, new friends, suggested that I create a way to share lessons and skills I have learned with women who are looking for purpose and direction.

Life on Purpose is six-session workshop for women
interested in growing as a person, learning from other women’s
life experience and investing in others’ growth as well.

Life on Purpose is directed conversation around topics of interest to women who are striving to live their life with purpose and intention, no matter what their season or status. Determining values, considering beliefs, owning actions, accepting responsibility……the results will be in the way we intentionally live our lives with confidence and clarity.

This Roundtable is designed for the woman who is a thinker and a changer and who desires to live life in the best way possible. It is usually a group of women who are very different from one another. It is a time to listen and to share–being open while allowing others to be open as well.

There are six topics and they can be explored in any order… with the exception of Topic #6 / My Personal Mission Statement. This piece needs the other five to be completed, so attendance at #1 – 5 is required before attending #6.


#1 / Values and Qualities – Explore how you view yourself and what you believe to be important in terms of values and personal qualities.

#2 / Powerful Affirmation— Learn the importance of this powerful tool, both in purposing to affirm others but also to affirm yourself with directed and specific words.

#3 / Personal Behavioral Preferences—Understand your wiring for preferences of pace and focus. Using a professional assessment (DiSC), look at your behavior objectively for understanding and effectiveness.

#4 / Time—Explore how you view time and also how to use it well for the best results and for personal satisfaction.

#5 / Influence, inward and outward—Consider your preferences, opinions, and convictions. Move towards fluency in the languages of love.

#6 / Personal Mission Statement—Write yours. Go forward, confident that you know how to live your life with purpose.

****Life on Purpose Roundtable for Women meets locally in Champaign, Illinois, and each session is 2.5 hours. Life on Purpose can be adapted for weekend retreats and we are also willing to take this powerful, six session workshop on the road.

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 can be a part of the Life on Purpose Roundtable,