I view Mantras as truly life-changing realizations, that when put into practice, give new freedom, new insight, and a new love for others. Patience, kindness, empathy, confidence are not virtues that have come easily for me. As I have discovered truths and put them into practice, those virtues, among other things, have developed in my life. The truths that I have discovered and the realizations that have changed the way I view myself and others have become my Mantras.

Listed below are the Mantras I live by. Maybe you will adopt these as your own or become inspired to create the mantras for your life.

Gotta Do, Gotta DoYou Spot It, You Got ItI Will Not Be Controlled By Other People's DysfunctionOnly Use Profanity When It's Entirely Appropriate Everyone Has FeelingsI Will No Longer Be Insecure

   Perfection is Highly Overrated

   It's Easier to Keep it Off Than to Take it Off
Be Intentional

   What Will Satisfy Me