Only Use Profanity When it’s Entirely Appropriate

I love words. I do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper every morning. I usually have a crossword puzzle book around my bed or bathroom. Sometimes, as a quick break in the day, I log on to a free crossword website and spend 4-8 minutes with an on-line puzzle.

I like to write. I like to talk. I enjoy expressing myself in entertaining ways that are a pleasure to the listener. When I am not entertaining, but explaining or enhancing or educating, I like to use a variety of words. There are so many to choose from! There are so many words that it is just not necessary to use boring, negative, crude words that indicate a limited imagination. So, I don’t use “bad” words…. unless it is entirely appropriate. You know, unless a situation or event or person calls for a well-placed word that creates attention in a productive and creative way. I could give examples, but I think I will not. You would probably need to be there to fully appreciate the appropriateness.