Need Less, Have More

need less

The point of being in business is to make money. No arguments, I expect. Yet, depending on your industry and/or work situation, the measure of success is often something other than money in your pocket. Success might be determined by the number of sales completed or appointments made or clients … Continue reading

In the Trust Business

I just ran my first 5K.  Twice before, I walked a 5K.   First, with my sister, and second, with the Champaign Community Coalition.  This time, though, I participated as a runner/walker in the first ever CU Special Recreation Cupcake run because I wanted to see if I can be … Continue reading

Hiring Assistance

One service that I provide, through Debbie Hensleigh Initiatives, is hiring assistance.  I have found that many entrepreneurs are good at what they are good at….inventing, pitching, selling, generating enthusiasm, creating, negotiating, closing.  But, often they are not so great at hiring just the right talent to take them and … Continue reading