In the Trust Business

I just ran my first 5K.  Twice before, I walked a 5K.   First, with my sister, and second, with the Champaign Community Coalition.  This time, though, I participated as a runner/walker in the first ever CU Special Recreation Cupcake run because I wanted to see if I can be … Continue reading

Needing less and Enjoying more

A look back at a journal entry…….. August 17, 2012. Perfect night at home. Cubs on TV, Valbuena just hit a home run.  Arroyo for the Reds is pitching.  Scallops with onion and garlic and lime are just about ready to eat.  Potatoes with peas and fresh spinach are about … Continue reading

Running in your Gifts

M & I on the course

Recently there was an article in Running Times about Dave’s efforts to help the Raramuri/Tarahumara runners. These are indigenous Indians who live in Copper Canyon, Mexico. While they, as a people, have been somewhat romanticized in books like “Born to Run,” we find them to be kind, real, talented individuals who … Continue reading